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Over a decade ago, a shift in traditional real estate marketing became apparent. The electronic information revolution began, and it continues to expand in all directions.

With tens of thousands of online real estate outlets, social networking avenues, mobile phone technology advancements, multimedia integration and more; real estate professionals recognize the importance of these changes. However, as marketing technology evolves it has become increasingly difficult for groups, offices and agents to implement simple, innovative and cost-effective solutions to address a complex marketing environment.

Showcase Technologies solves the complexities of electronic marketing with a simple and targeted approach. One system instantly creates several products, each tailored to be most effective for a specific electronic avenue. This unified system saves time effort and money, while delivering a manageable, marketable and adaptable competitive edge.
Showcase Technologies continues to develop new products and services to address changes in electronic marketing.

Current core products and services include instantly narrated virtual tours, listing websites, mobile phone audio, mms and text tours, call capture lead generation, multi-formatted property videos, national feed enhancement and distribution, simplified social networking integration, mapping, reports and statistics, print pieces, online magazines, webcasting and more.

Most products are generated with a single automated or manual online entry. Through this integrated approach, a unified cross-promotional campaign is instantly created for each listing and distributed to all available electronic media outlets.

Although minimal effort is the objective, world class support is included through phone and chat, online documents, videos and live online training sessions.
Solutions are available for any size office, group or franchise.

Showcase Technologies offers effective and affordable packages that include all the products and services listed. However, additional services such as automated listing population, human voiceover and other customization features are available.

Showcase Technologies has designed and tailored systems to fit the needs of large groups and franchises up to 50,000 agents. No client is too big or small.

Every organization has unique needs that require personal attention. Showcase Technologies will discuss all the options and tailor a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Contact us now to arrange a brief presentation and discuss how Showcase Technologies can help expand your electronic real estate marketing efforts.